Emerging Technologies Initiative

  MMWEC has launched its Emerging Technologies Initiative to assist its members in planning for the impact of evolving technologies on municipal light plants, their customers and New England's electricity markets in the coming years.

Specific technologies, solar PV in particular, are growing at a rapid pace.  Interest in energy storage systems and other solar-compatible technologies is also growing, while efficiencies improve and costs drop.  Microgrids and nanogrids, which provide resiliency for municipal loads and can help reduce peak loads, are also being examined as a potential key component of the future grid.  

Emerging Technologies teams, focusing on solar, battery storage and microgrids/nanogrids, have been created to serve this purpose.  

The teams are tasked with developing strategies, investigating and determining any applicable incentive programs to support these technologies, identifying opportunities for additional member generation and/or peak load reduction, and gauging member interest in these technologies through feedback and member visits.