Member Testimonials

MMWEC provides hedging and portfolio management services for Boylston's bulk power supply. As a Joint Action Agency, MMWEC enables us to take advantage of pooled transactions resulting in lower rates for our customers.

-J. Gary Harrington, General Manager

Boylston Municipal Light Department

Ashburnham Municipal Light Department appreciates MMWEC's understanding of the financial markets. The staff expertise enabled project participants to capture benefits associated with Auction Rate Securities that had failed.

-Stanley H. Herriott, Manager

Ashburnham Municipal Light Department

Templeton's partnership with MMWEC gives us confidence that our power supply will be managed carefully and accurately. MMWEC is at the forefront of wholesale market change in New England and captures marketplace opportunities we would otherwise miss.

-Sean Hamilton, General Manager

Templeton Municipal Light & Water Plant

There is significant value for Paxton in the wholesale power market billing and settlement services provided by MMWEC on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. As a smaller Massachusetts utility, we can trust MMWEC to manage the complex settlement processes on our behalf

-Diane Dillman, Manager

Paxton Municipal Light Department

The MMWEC Green Team's quick response and understanding of federal energy stimulus programs, funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, played an important role in Marblehead receiving a $1.3 million federal grant to deploy Smart Grid technology.

-Robert V. Jolly, Director

Marblehead Municipal Light Department

MMWEC's marketplace knowledge and asset management experience allows Peabody to optimize performance of its resources in ISO New England's Wholesale Energy and Reserve Markets, helping Peabody keep rates low.

-William F. Waters, General Manager

Peabody Municipal Light Plant

Chicopee looks to MMWEC's risk and counterparty management services when purchasing power in bulk. MMWEC's ability to manage the financial risk associated with large purchases of energy gives us greater liquidity as well as financial security in wholesale power markets.

-Jeff Cady, Manager

Chicopee Municipal Lighting Plant

After looking at other options, our board determined that MMWEC offers the best overall value for the services needed by municipal utilities to stay competitive in today's volatile power marketplace.

-Gary Babin, Manager

Mansfield Electric Light Department

Mansfield has earned consistent rates of return on monies it has invested with MMWEC, far ahead of what commercial banks were offering at the time. In addition, MMWEC's financial clout in the credit market has provided Mansfield with a financial backstop for its transactions with ISO New England, which was especially critical during the extreme energy market volatility in 2008. All things considered, MMWEC has done a very good job protecting Mansfield's financial assets.

-Gary Babin, Manager

Mansfield Electric Light Department