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Wyman Unit No. 4

Wyman Unit No. 4 is a 610-megawatt No. 2 oil-fired generating plant located in Yarmouth, Maine.

W.F. Wyman Station, Yarmouth, Maine


Wyman Unit No. 4, which began operation in 1978, is the newest and largest unit in the four-unit Wyman Station. The principal owner and operator of Wyman Station is NextEra Energy Resources LLC, a subsidiary of Florida-based FPL Group, Inc. NextEra owns approximately 84.3% of Wyman Unit No. 4. The remaining 15.7 percent of the unit is owned by six other utilities, including MMWEC, which owns approximately 3.7 percent, or about 22 megawatts of the unit’s capacity.

Project Participants

MMWEC’s Wyman Project Participants include 12 Massachusetts municipal utilities based in the communities of Boylston, Holyoke, Hudson, Hull, Littleton, Marblehead, Middleborough, Middleton, North Attleborough, Shrewsbury, Wakefield, and Westfield.

Quick Facts - Wyman Unit No. 4

Location: Yarmouth, Maine
On-Line Date: 1978
Fuel: No. 2 oil
Principal Owner/Operator: NextEra Energy Resources LLC
Total Capacity: 610 megawatts
MMWEC Ownership: 22 megawatts