Renewable / Energy Efficiency

One of two Hull Muicipal Lighting Plant wind turbines.

MMWEC's Members and Project Participants provide their customers with a range of renewable energy and energy efficiency resources. These includes small hydro and single-turbine wind facilities as well as multiple turbine wind projects in Princeton and Hull. MMWEC and 14 of its Members formed the Berkshire Wind Power Cooperative Corporation, the owner and operator of the 10-turbine, 15-megawatt Berkshire Wind Power Project, which started operation in May 2011.

MMWEC and several of its Members operate solar photovoltaic projects, many of which were constructed through MMWEC's single-source Solar PV Program for municipal utilities.

MMWEC provides residential energy efficiency services through its Home Energy Loss Prevention Services (HELPS) Program as well as energy audits and audit implementation services for commercial, industrial and institutional customers through its Green Opportunity (GO) Program.