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Board of Directors Resolutions

Board of Directors Resolutions

MMWEC and its Member MLPs are committed to providing all customers, including those in underserved communities, with reliable, high quality services at the lowest cost, consistent with the not-for-profit MLP business model. The MMWEC MLPs have a strong record of environmental stewardship, including the development and purchase of clean energy resources that are valuable in achieving the carbon-reduction goals of the MLP Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standard and the Commonwealth’s 2050 Decarbonization Roadmap.

There will be a need for extensive transmission buildout to support future offshore wind, hydro-electric projects and additional decarbonization and electrification efforts in Massachusetts. Transmission represents a major expense for MLPs and transmission costs continue to rise. MMWEC and its Member MLPs are interested in participating in transmission ownership, but to date, have been precluded from participating in the process. MMWEC’s tax exempt financing authority would allow for MLPs to participate in transmission ownership at a lower cost. 

MMWEC and its Member MLPs support and promote the energy and environmental policies and objectives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, consistent with a not-for-profit MLP business model that is driven by local control and direct customer involvement in decision-making. MMWEC continues to engage its Emerging Technologies Team to identify and develop innovative programs aligned with state and regional carbon emissions goals.

MMWEC and its Member MLPs are embracing cleaner energy policies and objectives, reflecting a progressive approach to the environmental, policy and other issues facing municipal electric utilities today.

MMWEC and its Member MLPs support and promote continued electric vehicle adoption and EV charging infrastructure deployment, in recognition of increasing customer interest and public policy goals towards reducing carbon emissions.

Advance refunding bonds have been a useful instrument for MLPs to keep costs down for infrastructure and other expenses, which ultimately benefit their consumers. Advance refunding bonds have made up about a third of the municipal bond marketplace, with over $482 billion in advance refunding bonds issued between 2012 and 2017. The municipal bond market is roughly $3.8 trillion in size.