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Pipeline Public Awareness

Pipeline Public Awareness Program

MMWEC operates an underground natural gas pipeline in Ludlow and has developed a Public Awareness Program to provide basic safety information to people living and working in the general vicinity of the pipeline.

The MMWEC Gas Pipeline

The MMWEC natural gas pipeline is used to supply natural gas for the clean and efficient production of electricity at the Stony Brook power plant located in Ludlow. MMWEC is the operator and principal owner of the Stony Brook Energy Center, a 527-megawatt generating plant that uses both natural gas and oil to produce electricity.

Living Safely With Natural Gas Pipelines

Our brochure, “Living Safely With Natural Gas Pipelines,” provides readers with important emergency contact numbers, safety information, and tips about how to recognize a gas leak and prevent damage when working near the pipeline. To view the brochure, please click here.

Public Awareness

MMWEC contacts people living and working in the general vicinity of its natural gas pipeline annually via direct mailings to provide information about pipeline safety.

electricity and natural gas pipeline safety programs

In addition, MMWEC conducts electricity and natural gas pipeline safety programs in conjunction with the Ludlow Senior Center and the Ludlow Boys & Girls Club. At right, students in the Boys & Girls Club Summer Camp program learn about safety around electricity and natural gas pipelines.

Preventing Pipeline Damage - Call Dig Safe

Excavation work, digging, or grading are the most frequent causes of pipeline damage. Whether you are planning to build a large project, erect a fence, or simply landscape your property, you should protect your safety and the safety of those around you by contacting DIG SAFE at least three business days before you begin any work near the pipeline.

Remember, Before you Dig – Dial 811 for DIG-SAFE
It’s Free, It’s Safe, and It’s the Law!

Preventing Pipeline Damage - Call DIG SAFE

Dig Safe is a free service that enables you to proceed safely with your digging, trenching, excavating, drilling, or other projects. Never guess where a pipeline is located or how deep it is. Always call before you begin work. Click the “811” image on this page to visit the Dig Safe website for additional info.

Additional Information

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact MMWEC by mail, phone, or e-mail at the addresses or phone number below:

327 Moody Street
Ludlow, MA 01056
Phone: (413) 308-1351
E-Mail: mmwec@mmwec.org