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Power Supply Planning

Power Supply Planning

MMWEC delivers information and options for municipal utilities planning to meet current and future resource needs through power supply forecasting and planning techniques that accommodate individual system requirements.

Forecast Energy Needs

MMWEC provides daily, short-term (2-year) and long-term (20-year) forecasts of its Members’ energy needs.

Customized Solutions

Each Member’s Power Supply Portfolio is customized to achieve system-specific goals that may reflect local mandates, renewable energy targets and varying levels of risk tolerance.

A comprehensive planning process results in an economic and reliable power supply.

Resource Analysis

MMWEC analyzes the cost and capability of resources available to meet Member needs, from construction of new generation and contract purchases to development of renewable and energy efficiency resources, then provides detailed recommendations comparing various options.

Generation – Analysis of existing and new generator projects allows Members to make informed decisions affecting the cost and reliability of their system power portfolios.

Energy Efficiency – Activities that achieve sustainable reductions in energy consumption are an important part of MMWEC’s resource analysis process.