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Regulatory / Legislative

Regulatory / Legislative

MMWEC is a strong advocate for municipal utility interests in various regulatory and legislative forums at the state, regional and federal levels.

Through MMWEC, the collective strength of municipal utilities is focused on enhancing the rights and interests that benefit public power consumers.

MMWEC representatives visit the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in March 2018..

MMWEC representatives visit the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in March 2018.

NERC Compliance

An entity created by law and regulation, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) establishes and enforces standards to ensure electric system reliability. MMWEC facilitates compliance workshops and communication efforts, empowering our members to meet NERC requirements. MMWEC manages NERC compliance for the Stony Brook facilities and serves as a resource for Members to manage their NERC business practices.

Regulatory Strategies

MMWEC works with various government and regulatory agencies to influence policy and regulations for the benefit of municipal utilities and their customers. Such agencies include the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Internal Revenue Service, the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs and the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office.

Legislative Action

MMWEC provides support for addressing state and federal legislative issues affecting municipal utility interests. Staff works directly with state and federal legislators and their staffs providing information supporting public power positions. Staff assists in coordinating its Members’ legislative activities, from legislative visits to letter-writing campaigns.