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Wholesale Market Solutions

Wholesale Market Solutions

MMWEC is the “Single Source Solution” for municipal utility participation in New England’s complex and highly technical wholesale electric power markets.

As the only full-service agency equipped to manage municipal utility interests in the increasingly challenging wholesale power market, MMWEC delivers effective and economic market outcomes.

Wholesale Market Compliance

Participating effectively in the wholesale marketplace is a daunting task by any measure, but it is next to impossible for individual municipal utilities with limited staffing resources. To address this challenge, MMWEC assumes responsibility for its Members’ interactions with ISO New England (ISO-NE), operator of the wholesale marketplace. From bidding Members’ load and resources into the marketplace to settling interchange billings from ISO-NE, MMWEC ensures that its Members comply with ever-expanding and increasingly complex marketplace requirements. Through a private website, Members have access to tools enabling them to monitor their utility’s marketplace position.

MMWEC delivers comprehensive Wholesale Market Solutions for its Member utilities, capturing opportunities that benefit consumers.

Bidding Loads & Resources

MMWEC bids Member loads and resources into the various ISO-NE markets, including the energy, capacity, forward reserves and other markets where opportunities to maximize resource value exist. This requires tie flow metering and collection of Member load data, a thorough understanding of resource characteristics and explicit knowledge of market rules. The information systems infrastructure needed to conduct business with ISO-NE is in place at MMWEC.

Invoice Tracking/Management

From bid to billing, all under one roof, MMWEC provides Members with wholesale market and project invoicing services that capture the entire range of wholesale transactions. This allows MMWEC to manage invoices accurately, without relying on conflicting interests of third party service providers.

Capturing Market Opportunities

Changing markets and marketplace rules offer new opportunities for value. With staff attuned to evolving markets, MMWEC is poised to capture and optimize Member resources and interests.

Shaping Market Rules

MMWEC’s representation on ISO-NE committees provides an effective public power voice to address regional issues that affect local operations. MMWEC is able to influence the New England Markets at the development stage through its collective strength as a joint action agency for municipal utilities. We work closely with ISO-NE and other sectors of the Market to shape the rules and head off potential negative impacts to public power.