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Economic Benefits of MLPs

Economic Benefits of MLPs

President Franklin D. Roosevelt once referred to public power as a “yardstick,” in that people served by a private for-profit utility could judge the quality and rates of their utility provider against what is possible with a public power model.

The hallmarks of the not-for profit public power business model are local control and local decision-making authority. Public power utilities offer superior service at a low cost, as demonstrated below.  

From 2014 through 2023, MMWEC Member MLP customers saved an average of $12,904.83 over investor-owned utility customers. 

Electric Bills by Utility Type

MMWEC compiled utility rate data from 2004-present to illustrate how average MMWEC Member utility rates compared to investor-owned utility rates in Massachusetts over the past 19 years. The amounts are based on a monthly consumption of 750 kilowatt hours of electricity.

As demonstrated in the chart below, total investor-owned utility bills from the 2004-present data range were $10,100 to $17,000 higher than MMWEC Member utility averages. 

View the tables below to see how monthly investor-owned utility bills and average MMWEC Member utility bills varied annually.


Average Monthly Bill ($)201520162017201820192020202120222023
Eversource- Cape Cod$167$165$167$183$184$180$193$256$283
Percentage above MMWEC Member Average54%53%56%67%64%62%70%110%113%
Eversource- Cambridge$162$160$163$180$180$174$185$238$277
Percentage above MMWEC Member Average50%49%52%64%61%57%64%96%109%
Eversource- WMECO$164$147$153$170$168$167$176$220$258
Percentage above MMWEC Member Average51%37%43%56%50%50%55%80%95%
National Grid$156$148$165$179$185$188$196$233$281
Percentage above MMWEC Member Average44%38%54%64%65%69%73%92%112%
Percentage above MMWEC Member Average67%65%70%79%78%81%89%108%141%
Eversource- Boston$162$155$160$179$180$174$185$238$277
Percentage above MMWEC Member Average50%44%50%64%61%57%64%96%109%
MMWEC Member MLP Average$107$105$104$106$108$107$109$122$133



Average Monthly Bill ($)20042005200620072008200920102011201220132014
Eversource- Cape Cod$110$118$147$143$153$150$133$133$129$138$146
Percentage above MMWEC Member Average45%44%61%56%50%45%29%31%29%36%38%
Eversource- Cambridge$92$103$149$144$139$134$116$112$113$121$144
Percentage above MMWEC Member Average22%26%63%58%36%30%12%10%12%19%36%
Eversource- WMECO$82$92$120$127$132$126$112$116$119$128$135
Percentage above MMWEC Member Average9%12%31%39%30%22%9%14%19%26%28%
National Grid$87$96$117$121$127$120$109$104$103$113$135
Percentage above MMWEC Member Average14%18%27%32%24%16%5%2%3%11%27%
Percentage above MMWEC Member Average34%40%63%64%52%46%40%42$41%47%56%
Eversource- Boston$95$115$152$140$146$143$126$124$123$126$141
Percentage above MMWEC Member Average25%41%66%52%44%38%21%21%22%24%33%
MMWEC Member MLP Average$79$85$94$92$102$102$103$102$101$102$105