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Joint Action

Joint Action

Joint action – people working together to achieve common goals – is the foundation of many great achievements. It is upon this concept that MMWEC was founded in 1969 to serve to the consumer-owned, municipal utilities of Massachusetts.

In the early 1970s, MMWEC worked to gather and focus the collective strength of municipal utilities on issues and developments that were threatening the viability of public power in Massachusetts. Joint action led to the acceptance of municipal utilities into the New England Power Pool in 1973, giving municipals the right to joint ownership in the large, regional power plants under development by private utilities.

Legal & Political Strength

Joint action bolstered the legal and political strength of municipal utilities and in 1976, through an act of the state legislature, MMWEC became a non-profit, public corporation and political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with the power to issue tax-exempt revenue bonds to finance electric generating facilities and other projects.

Today, using its unique statutory powers as the joint action agency for Massachusetts municipal utilities, MMWEC continues to work for the common good of its Member and Project Participant utilities. It does this by delivering the wholesale power supply, financial, risk management and other services needed by municipal utilities to participate effectively in today’s electric utility industry.

Greater Efficiency & Economy

Working with MMWEC enables municipal utilities to meet their needs with greater efficiency and economy, thereby improving their competitive positions and ability to provide reliable, low-cost service to their customers. Of the 40 municipal utilities in Massachusetts, 20 are Members of MMWEC and 30 are MMWEC Project Participants.

Joint action is the foundation of MMWEC and continues to be a source of inspiration and promise for the future of public power in Massachusetts.