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Member Testimonials

Member Testimonials

MMWEC provides hedging and portfolio management services for Wakefield’s bulk power supply. As a joint action agency, MMWEC enables us to take advantage of pooled transactions resulting in lower rates for our customers.

Peter D. Dion
General Manager, Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Department

Sterling’s partnership with MMWEC gives us confidence that our power supply will be managed carefully and accurately. MMWEC is at the forefront of wholesale market changes in New England, and captures marketplace opportunities we would otherwise miss. In addition, MMWEC is helping Members adapt to the changing face of the industry with an increased focus on renewables.

Sean Hamilton
General Manager, Sterling Municipal Light Department

West Boylston values its membership in MMWEC, the state’s only joint action public power agency. MMWEC is WBMLP’s one-stop shop for risk management, energy portfolio planning, energy conservation programs and financial planning.

Jonathan Fitch
General Manager, West Boylston Municipal Light Plant

Chicopee looks to MMWEC’s risk and counterparty management services when purchasing power in bulk. MMWEC’s ability to manage the financial risk associated with large purchases of energy gives us greater liquidity as well as financial security in wholesale power markets.

Jeff Cady
Manager, Chicopee Electric Light

MMWEC really takes time to understand the unique strengths, challenges, interests and personalities of each Member utility. Equipped with genuine knowledge and appreciation of communities like Ipswich, they are able to make insightful recommendations and deliver appropriate products to meet our needs. MMWEC integrates into our operations in such a seamless way that it feels like they are members of our staff.

Jon Blair
Manager, Ipswich Electric Light Department

Mansfield Municipal Electric Department has a long historical alliance with MMWEC, along with its joint action partnership members, to manage its existing power portfolio and assess new power resource opportunities for the future. Each MMWEC staff member is readily available to assist Members, whether it’s preparing regulatory compliance filings, assessing the economic pro-forma for new power resources, or just giving sound financial advice in achieving the goals we have set as a community for affordable and reliable power, MMWEC clearly sets a very high standard of excellence in delivering comprehensive services.

Joseph Sollecito
General Manager, Mansfield Municipal Electric Department