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The Value of MMWEC - Bringing a competitive edge to Massachusetts municipal utilities

The Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company (MMWEC) brings a competitive edge to Massachusetts municipal utilities dedicated to providing their customers with low-cost and reliable electricity. We plan, develop and manage energy resources in an evolving marketplace that requires high levels of innovation and expertise. Our values are old-fashioned, reflecting 40 years of public power joint action, but our service is enlightened.

MMWEC's Stony Brook Power Plant in Ludlow, MA

Innovative Battery Storage Project:

The Sterling Municipal Light Department’s innovative battery storage project, the first of its kind in the region, is featured in this new video.

Generation asset development and operation

MMWEC’s largest generation asset is the Stony Brook Power Plant, located on the site of MMWEC’s corporate headquarters in Ludlow, MA. In addition to being a valuable resource for the 25 Massachusetts municipal utilities and six Vermont utilities that are Stony Brook Project Participants, Stony Brook is a unique and valuable asset for ISO New England. Read more about Stony Brook’s value in the Summer 2015 issue of MMWEC’s Joint Action News, found here …

Renewable resources for the future

MMWEC Members and Project Participants have invested in a variety of carbon-free and renewable energy resources, including solar, wind, hydro and battery storage. Members’ power portfolios are nearly 50% carbon-free, and Members continue to seek new opportunities in clean energy procurement. Read more here …


MMWEC Named "Innovative Partner of the Year"

MMWEC received recognition from the Smart Electric Power Alliance for developing an innovative partnership with member utilities to help them implement distributed energy resources and related technologies into their municipal distribution systems efficiently and economically.

2017 MMWEC Annual Report:

MMWEC’s 2017 Annual Report reflects on the power of joint action and the many accomplishments achieved in 2017 by MMWEC and its Members.  These achievements are indicative of MMWEC’s broad depth of expertise and distinct ability to use joint action to bring a superior level of service to its Members.  
Read the report here …

Power Market, Solutions to complex challenges

MMWEC is the only full-service agency equipped to manage municipal utility interests in the increasingly challenging wholesale power market. From wholesale market compliance and bidding loads and resources, to invoice management and capturing market opportunities, MMWEC offers a wide scope of wholesale market solutions. Read more here …

Financial options and risk management

MMWEC provides an expansive range of financial expertise and services to help its Members and Project Participants manage their financial affairs and risk exposures. Services include tax-exempt financing and project/contract oversight for MMWEC’s ownership of 720 megawatts in five New England power plants. Read more here …

Legislative and Regulatory Oversight

MMWEC represents its Members in regulatory and legislative matters, protecting their interests and the public power business model. Staff work directly with various government and regulatory agencies to influence policy and regulations affecting municipal utilities. Read more here …